Unlocking Creativity Through Psychoanalysis

About Us

Lucy Daniels Foundation Mission

The Lucy Daniels Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that fosters personal development, emotional freedom and a deeper understanding of creativity through psychoanalytic education, programs and research.

 The Lucy Daniels Center is both a community clinic, sensitive to the needs of a diverse population, and a highly sophisticated assessment and treatment facility. The Center provides assistance in specialized classrooms, outpatient clinics, and in children’s homes and daycares. The Center also offers opportunities for teacher training and shares the Center’s nationally recognized methods and findings through workshops and publications.

 Both the Foundation and Center were founded in 1989 by Dr. Lucy Daniels and are located in a single facility in Cary, North Carolina, near Research Triangle Park.


About the Founder, Dr. Lucy Daniels

 In the late 1980s, Lucy Daniels envisioned the Lucy Daniels Foundation and the Lucy Daniels Center for Early Childhood as expanding circles of generativity in which those benefited would enrich the world.

“I can think of no individuals with greater potential to do this than creative adults who recognize their own need for assistance with emotional problems and young children whose parents are willing to help them develop psychologically. My hope today is that others will join me in supporting these investments in humanity.”