Unlocking Creativity Through Psychoanalysis


“I credit Lucy Daniels’ seminar Our Problems Are the Roots of Our Power for helping me deal with this childhood experience and its lifelong consequences, so I could transmute my pain into creative expression. Thank you, Lucy!” Anne Russell

“The seminar’s teachings surrounds the psychological study of creativity, the role of creative processes powered by the creator’s personal problems, and the rising above in awareness and courage of using one’s personal problems as the drive for their creative acts. This seminar has impacted my creative process by feeling more comfortable sharing both my experiences and ideas with those around me.” Julian Phelps—age 24, Painter & Poet—Class of 2014-15

“I went from having no direction to creating two CDs after taking the class with Lucy. The path wasn’t a straight or easy one, but the work with her opened me up to a level of creativity I didn’t even realize I was capable of.” Andrea Osborne—age 45, Musician/Singer—Class of 2009-10

“I recommend the seminar to anyone looking to better understand or even rejuvenate their own creative process. The insights I gained when I was a participant over ten years ago continue to inform my work today.” C.M.—Theater Artist & Writer—Class of 1999-2000

“As a photographer, wishing to expand my creativity in the fine art category, what I found to be the most interesting and inspirational in the seminar, was the interaction between, and the revealing of self among the widely diverse backgrounds of the participants. What it meant to me was a stimulation of my sense of empathy and broadening of my horizons of what is possible and the personal struggles to fulfill artistic passions. This experience, I believe, enlarged my perspectives in approaching the fulfillment of my own photographic goals.”  Eric Ellwood—age 92, Photographer (part-time)—Class of 2014-15

“Lucy’s seminar expanded my thinking regarding how I approach making art and how I perceive the outcome. Being in a group with others exploring the creative process was so valuable in seeing the interaction between the self and the art & life one creates.” Sally—Class of 2001-02

“Being a participant in Lucy Daniels’ first seminar twenty-three years ago began a life-enriching journey for me.” Tom Mann―Pianist/Teacher/Composer―Class of 1992-93