Unlocking Creativity Through Psychoanalysis

Tom Mann


The support that I found in the class came in the sharing, but it also came in being able to draw on yourself without negative criticism stopping that. People were there to explore and gain insight.

I teach music and work with students of all ages. My experience with the Foundation has made me a much better teacher. It has allowed me to be a much freer teacher and a teacher who listens to what kids are doing.

Lucy’s ideas and the work at the Foundation have so many applications in teaching and in relationships also. It helps in understanding people, especially young people, and listening to what they’re doing and what they have to say and their creative nature – in letting it happen, not stepping in and interfering.

My experience with the Foundation has made me look at musical composition in a different way, in that I look at it now as a transformation of the very center of a human being. I think that’s what composers have always been doing, but the theories point more and more to this transformation. It happens for me with greater ease now.

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