Unlocking Creativity Through Psychoanalysis

1993 Images in Art and Life : Contemporary Psychoanalytic Perspectives

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March 5-6

Images in Art and Life : Contemporary Psychoanalytic Perspectives 

A conference exploring creativity in work, art and dreams


“The images with which people express themselves in art, work and dreams fuse meaning and emotion into forms that revitalize the human spirit.  How does this happen?  What determines the form used by an individual artist or the ways a single work of art can affect different audiences?  What converts an occupation or community need into a life’s calling?  Why do dreams continually surprise and convince us?  The speakers will discuss these and other aspects of creativity from a variety of perspectives.”

Ellen Handler Spitz, PhD

“Tension and Intention in the Artistic Image”


Gilbert J. Rose, MD

“From Image to Affect: Charting the Emotional Response to Art”


Morton F. Reiser, MD

“Musical Embodiment of Meaning: Wagner’s Use of the Leitmotif”


George E. Valliant, MD

“Florence Nightingale: A Model for the Roots of Creativity



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