Unlocking Creativity Through Psychoanalysis

1995 Worlds Unsuspected : Photography & Psychoanalysis

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March 4-5

Worlds Unsuspected : Photography & Psychoanalysis


Both photography and psychoanalysis focus the lens of awareness. Photography preserves external images and uses sight to trigger memories of people and places lost to the past.  Psychoanalysis retrieves internal images and allows the conversion of unconscious to conscious that we call insight.  Our speakers will address the significance of sight and insight as they pertain to artistic creativity and personal growth.”


Lucy Daniels Inman, PhD

“Through the Eyes of the Beholder”


Gilbert Rose, MD

“Through the Looking Glass: Paul Gauguin”

“From Dreaming to Creative Vision, Toward Forms and ‘Feeling”


Barbara Young, MD

“Living a Creative Life as Psychoanalyst and Photographer”


Alex Harris, Photographer

“A World Unsuspected: Photography and the Mystery of Memory”


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