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1996 Inspiration and Inhibition: The Dynamics of Self in Performing

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March 16-17

Inspiration and Inhibition: The Dynamics of Self in Performing


“All creativity involves use and exhibition of the self.  But the pathway from inspiration to successful expression is not always easy.  And for performing artists, whose creating involves immediate contact with the audience, failures of self can be especially painful.  Our speakers will address the artistic self in public—including the challenges, rewards and inhibitions inherent in such personal exposure.”


Lucy Daniels Inman, PhD

“Whose Dance Is It?”  An Overview


Jack Novick, PhD,  psychoanalyst

Kerry Kelly Novick, psychoanalyst

“I Won’t Dance”: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Interferences with Performance


The Artist, the Performer, and the Audience – A Developmental


Part I – Omnipotence in Infancy and Childhood

Part II – Omnipotence in Adolescence and Adulthood

Part III – A Painter, a Poet, a Dancer, a Musician and an Architect –

Performance Conflicts and resolutions


Billy Stewart, classical guitarist, composer



Rebecca Amis Lawson, dancer, choreographer



Robert W.  Lawson, PhD


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