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1998 Echoes of Trauma: Psychic Injury and Creativity

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March 20-22

Echoes of Trauma: Psychic Injury and Creativity


“None of us is immune from adversity.  But what are the lasting traces of abuse, disease, violence or devastation loss?  And what is the connection between psychic trauma and putting something new into the world?  Do such blows halt, enhance, or alter creativity?  And if so, how and why? Is the creative individual especially vulnerable to psychic pain?  Does talent make even the most brutal injuries less catastrophic?  Our speakers will address these and other issues as we explore the tangled and haunting relationship of trauma and creativity.”


Lucy Daniels Inman, PhD

An Overview


Leonard Shengold, MD

“Child Abuse and Deprivation as Revealed in Metaphor in the Work of Elizabeth Bishop: Moths and Mothers”

“Soul Murder and Creativity”


Ellen Handler Spitz, PhD

“Mockery that Restrains Tears: The Art of Rene Magritte”

“Don’t Cry: Young Children and Representations of Death”


Harold Kudler, MD

“Psychological Trauma and Creativity: Tracing the Developmental Connection”


Mary Felstiner, PhD

“To Paint Her Life: Charlotte Salomon in the Nazi Era”


Dori Laub, MD

“Coming Close: From Traumatic Absence to Creative Presences”

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