Unlocking Creativity Through Psychoanalysis

2000 Screen Spectaculars: Creativity in Dreams and Movies

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April 1-2

Screen Spectaculars: Creativity in Dreams and Movies


“Dreams and Movies both involve sensual representation of psychological experience.  Movies projected onto theater screens allow audiences to share a director’s creation.  Dreams projected onto the internal screen allow the dreamer to put unconscious feelings and beliefs into images so that they can be thought about.  Celebrating the centennial of Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams, this conference uses a psychoanalytic lens to focus on the psychological meaning of dreams and cinema.”


Lucy Daniels, PhD

An Overview


Glen O. Gabbard, MD

“Wayward Women Analysts of Celluloid: Psychoanalysis and Cinematic Mythology”

“The Mind-Brain Interface”


James L. Fosshage, PhD

The Organizing Function of Dreams”

“The Case of Samantha: rams within an Analytic Process”


Landrum S. Tucker, Jr., MD

“Dream and Film as Doubles to the Self”

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