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2001 Me and My Baby: Identity and Creativity

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November 2-4

Me and My Baby: Identity and Creativity | Download Brochure


“Identity and Creativity are as intrinsically bound together as sexual partners or babies and their caregivers.  Who we are inevitably affects what we create, just as the new things we put into the world – whether music or sculpture or scientific discoveries – alter our lives forever.  And since both identity and creativity evolve from the very center of ourselves, our speakers will address the particular dynamics of this collocation in their experience.  As usual, we expect the multiple perspectives of artists, clinicians, and other conference participants to enrich our time together.”


Joyce McDougall, D.Ed.

“The Artist and the Outer World”

“Gender Identity and Creativity”


Nancy Grossman, artist

“The Artist’s Search for Identity: A conversation with Carol Cole Levin”


Lucy Daniels, PhD

An Overview


Vamik Volkan, MD

“One Refugee Family’s Story: Mourning and Creativity”

“Ethnic Identity and the creation of ‘Hot Places’”


Arlene Raven, PhD

“Embracing the Shadow: Identity and Creative Freedom in the Art of Nancy Grossman”           


Zelda Fichandler, acting teacher

“Teatron: A Place for Seeing”

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